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Reading in the Wild: Sharing Books

Eek! I thought I had this scheduled to post on Thursday and I just realized it didn't!
This week's chapter from Reading In The Wild was all about building communities of readers by sharing books with each other. I absolutely loved Donalyn's suggestion of the graffiti wall! Cover a bulletin board with black butcher paper and let the kids write their favorite quotes from the books they are reading. How exciting would that be?? My kids will love it! Here is an example I found:
Building communities of readers using a Graffiti Wall with Ideas by Jivey
My board will be much bigger than this because I will want it to be up and added to all year.

Another suggestion from Donalyn is to have students read books of interest together. It promotes conversation about the book, and it also may be helpful to a student who might not be able to read a book with complete independence- with a buddy, they can be more successful. I love to buy at least two copies of chapter books so that my students can read together. Sometimes, they'll even go check out more copies of the book from the library so that more can read together. (I give you all my resources and tell about how I use Partner Reading in my classroom in my Launching Reading Workshop pack.)

Lastly, book commercials are an excellent way for students to share books. My kids LOVE Reading Rainbow, so being able to make commercials like they do on the show will be so exciting for them!
I'm even going to see if they could air on the school morning news show sometimes. They'd be celebrities! ;-)


  1. Totally loving this link up. So many great ideas.
    I love the graffiti wall idea too! I am planning on putting mine in the hallway right outside my door for all to see.
    I will certainly be checking out Reading Rainbow. I think my students would enjoy making a commercial about their favorite book.

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  2. I love the graffiti wall!! Love the idea of the kids making their own commercial about their favorite book. Awesome ideas!! Thanks so much :)

  3. I love the graffiti wall too...sounds like everyone does! I did something similar in my classroom last year...I had my classroom library set up so that the back of a couple of my low bookcases faced out into the classroom. I painted the backs with chalkboard paint and had the kids write book recommendations and favorite quotes on them with chalk. They loved it!

  4. How did you reading graffiti wall work out this year? Any problems keeping up with it? What did you do when it was full? I am reading Reading in the Wild right now and getting tons of ideas for this coming year!


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