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Monday Made It {FINALLY!}

I am SO excited I can actually link up with Tara this week for Monday Made-It, and I have SCHOOL related (not just house) made-its to share!!!
I worked in my classroom for the first time all summer this week, and only for a few hours. They did some serious carpet cleaning, so........ there is a lot of rearranging to do.
Working in the classroom with Ideas by Jivey
I decided in all the rearranging of furniture that I'd get rid of my teacher desk. (GASP!) So you know what that means...? TEACHER TOOLBOX TIME!
Teacher Toolbox Time with Ideas by Jivey
Toolbox Time with Ideas by Jivey
Toolbox Time with Ideas by Jivey
Toolbox Time with Ideas by Jivey
I ended up not using the big chevron paper because the print was sooo big. I printed the labels and taped them onto the paper, then taped it into the drawer. (If you could use these labels, you can grab them for free here!) I also used teal "Duck Tape" duct tape to cover the outside. I'm super excited about getting it into my classroom!
 My second made-it has been a work in progress ALL SUMMER. Many people have been asking for it and thankfully, patiently waiting for it.
Better Than Basal Complete No Prep with Ideas by Jivey
All 40 of the books I made mentor sentence units for are included in this 300+ page pack! Basically, your reading plans are done for the year, and you have a weekly writing prompt!
Thanks so much to Kristen at Ladybug's Teacher Files, I was motivated to make my own Pinterest board covers!
Pintrest Board Covers with Ideas by Jivey
Aren't they cute? I made them match my blog design. :o) Do you follow me on Pinterest? I have 4 main teaching boards of my own, but I also pin a lot to collaborative boards.
Lastly, I decided to make some cute covers for my binders at school. (I *try* to keep all of my unit plans, games, and activities together in binders... stacks still accumulate though.)
Cute Binder Covers with Ideas by Jivey
This might have been my most productive week so far... but today is my first day back at school, so be ready to see lots of pictures of room organization and getting ready for the first day! (August 5th!! EEEEEK!)


  1. Your room is coming together! And, the toolbox....duct tape? Seriously? It looks GREAT!!! You amaze me all of the time. As you know, I love the reading unit! You put a lot of work into that one :) Enjoy your last few days....
    Fun in Room 4B

  2. Wow! You've been very, very, very busy! I love all your projects. The binder covers are after my own heart - I redid all my covers last year so they would all "match" with cute clip art, fonts, and fun paper. Enjoy the rest of summer :)

    My Shoe String Life

  3. You had some great projects going this week! :) The toolbox looks great and I love the addition of duct tape to cover the outside. I have seen that on Pinterest, but usually see people painting instead. Can't wait to see the finished classroom!

    Creativity to the Core

  4. All of your Made Its look great! I love the binder covers you created. For some reason, having cute covers does seem to help with organization. However, I agree, piles still somehow appear. Wow! You go back early. I have a staff meeting on August 5, but students don't start until the 13th. Good luck with your room. I'm looking forward to hearing how it works not having a teacher desk. I've thought about doing that, but I haven't taken the plunge yet.

    Fit to be Fourth

  5. No teacher desk - I know people do it but I am always a little scared - excited to hear how that works for you. Love the binder covers!! The new product is AMAZING!!

  6. Wow you were all over it last week! I am loving your teacher toolbox and the SUPER cute binder covers. I can't wait to see more room pics!

    Get Your Science on in Room 701

  7. I'm impressed with all that you accomplished this last week! You have now got me motivated! I love your teacher toolbox, thanks for sharing that and also the labels. I'm adding it to my list of things that I want to do! I'm excited to see more pictures of your room. Good luck!
    Mrs. Bentin's Blackboard

  8. Your teacher tool box turned out really cute! I love seeing pictures of other classrooms as they are being set up!

    Ms. King's Kinders

  9. I love your new toolbox. I also wanted to tell you that I love reading your blog!!

  10. You have certainly gotten a lot accomplished! It's such a great feeling to finally get a huge project checked off your list. Love all your labels!

    Forever in Fifth Grade

  11. Wow! Everything looks great!! I love your toolbox! I looked for one at home depot but they didn't have the right kind :( Your room looks like it is really coming together; can't wait to see it all finished!

  12. I love the toolbox. I may need to take the leap and make one for myself. Yours looks so good!

    My Carolina Classroom

  13. Wow - you have been very busy! It all looks great! I am totally going to go check out that "Better than Basal" set.

    Mrs. Spangler in the Middle

  14. Yay, You, Dear Jivey! That looks like some serious SUCCESS! How fun to see your creativity--and your craftivity. Sometimes, I think, all of the "pretty" makes it easier to go back to school.
    Sending good wishes...

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  15. Your room is looking great! I envy how quickly you get things done! I adore those cute binder covers and think you are incredibly smart lady for using duct tape to cover your drawer organizer!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Short and Sassy Teacher

  16. I love that duct tape makes things cute and it's easy to use!! Your room is looking good.

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  18. I love your teacher's toolbox!! Can't wait to see your room!!

  19. 3 out of 4 of your made-it Mondays are on my to do list! Thanks for the Labels for the teacher toolbox, and the motivation to get these things done!

  20. The teacher tool box came out great. I did one last year and I love it! The binder covers have been on my to do list...well they still are. Your's look super cute! What a productive week you had.

    Luv My Kinders


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