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Workshop Wednesday: Neil Armstrong Biography

Welcome to Workshop Wednesday! Today's edition is all about collaboration and bragging on others!
Link up a blog post that shares someone else's idea or product that you've found, used, and loved!

A while back, I was lucky enough to get a Donor's Choose Project funded for sets of extended texts! (Read about it here.) One of the sets was the book, Who Was Neil Armstrong? which is a biography of Neil.
I am using this book thanks to Amanda at Collaboration Cuties, who told me about it first! She used it in her classroom, and created an AWESOME Novel Unit to go with it! We've been using it as we have read the book over the last couple of weeks. We still have about a week left with it.
The great thing about this unit is that there are multiple activities for every chapter so we can really dive into each chapter and "dissect" the text. We've spent two, sometimes three, days on each chapter!

One of the response prompts included in the pack from chapter two asked why the students thought education was important to Neil. This was the PERFECT time to incorporate Joanne's (from Head Over Heels for Teaching) amazing Citing Evidence Posters! I first heard about them on her blog, and knew I HAD to get them!

We have been spending a lot of time "proving" our answers by using the text evidence, and they are loving having a variety of options of sentence starters! Here are some of their answers to the question about Neil's education:
I've gotten so many awesome ideas from my bloggy friends, and TPT has rocked my teaching world, for real! The products I've been able to incorporate into my classroom from REAL teachers, not just publishers, have been so much more meaningful. If you're a fellow TPT-er, I know you agree!

What ideas and products have you been loving lately? Link up and tell us!

Oh, AND I hope you'll come back next week to share your ideas for incorporating poetry into your writing workshop! :o)


  1. Do you have a basal you have to use for reading? We have Harcourt. It makes it hard to fit in novels, which I really love.

    1. We do not have a basal- workshop model is expected in our county, which is difficult to do with a basal. I'm sorry you have to use yours! I've been lucky to always teach in schools where we are free to choose literature, etc.

  2. I did my post wrong...I didn't write about a product...I saw the word collaboration and ran with it. Forgive me? I use Joanne's Citing Evidence Posters too!!! xo
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  3. I'm new to the blog, but I have loved all the ideas and TPT items. They are so much better than other publishings because they are made by teachers who are using in the classroom and know what works. It has opened a whole new world for me and I will never be the same teacher again. Thanks so much!!

  4. Aw, thank you for the shout out sweet friend! I'm so glad that it's working for you! I love Joanne's posters as well! Thanks for the love!!!

  5. We are studying biographies right now too and I really like your idea of using Joanne's evidence posters. (Your picture is great! I can show it to my class so they can see what I am looking for.) Thanks!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  6. I love that biography series of books! I also have those posters and made the mini ones on binder rings for my students - so helpful.

  7. Love that you put your anchor chart in the middle of all your text evidence questions! I'm going to need to do that for next year! What a great idea! I agree that there are so many great bloggers and teachers creating products out there... I love so many teacher's products and they are more akin to what I would create :) Love all the collaboration!

    Happy Wednesday,
    My Shoe String Life

  8. I loved how you used the chart paper in the middle. What a great way for students to make a quick reference! I am going to steal that idea! I also agree with you; I have become a better teacher thanks to all the wonderful bloggers and sellers! Thank-you!

  9. I love the chart paper in the middle of your posters! Do you have the posters in your tpt store? or do you have a like to them?

  10. Pinned the citing evidence posters--those are genius! Thank you for the thoughtful post, I love getting new book recommendations, and the Who Was series is awesome. I am your newest follower :)


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