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Tried It Tuesday: DBQs

I'm linking up with Holly today to share something we've been trying this year at my school! :)

DBQs... Document-Based Questions! These are questions asked about a primary source- a photo, a map, a graph, a video... the list goes on and on. All grade levels in our school are required to do them every morning to improve our writing... and I have seen not only an improvement in their writing abilities, but also a higher level of thinking going on with my students. I like to use questions where students have to infer or think from a different point of view... my students actually really enjoy doing them!

I integrate our science and social studies content into the DBQs, which helps expose my students just a bit more to what we are learning anyway. I find most of the images I use on Google Images honestly, but there are great sites, like the Library of Congress, full of primary source documents! Sadly, I can't share any of the ones I've created using images I've found doing a Google search because those images are most likely copyrighted, BUT I was able to create some using images that are all considered "public domain" because they are government documents, or the copyright on them has ended because they are so old! :) They are in my Road to the Revolution DBQ unit!
I created these for my fourth graders, but these could easily be used in 5th grade or middle school, depending on your curriculum! Here is a preview of one of the DBQs:
American Revolution Linky
Also, don't forget!! Erin at I'm Lovin Lit is having one of her amazing scavenger hunts again!!! The best part is... EVERYONE WINS! If you are visiting my blog first, visit this post for more info!

Finally, Workshop Wednesday will be back tomorrow! Let's share how we incorporate winter and holiday activities into Math Workshop!


  1. Your DBQ product looks absolutely amazing!! DBQ's have been our state SS tests at least since I started teaching (14 years ago) and it is sometimes difficult to find good ones to practice with. Thanks so much for linking up and awesome work! :)
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  2. This is such a great way to practice writing skills. I can't wait to try this.


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