November 2013 - Ideas By Jivey: For the Classroom

I have soooooo enjoyed having the week off this week! My Five For Friday is going to show off this fact!
I'm pretty proud of my productivity this week! (How's that for some fun alliteration??) I got my Third Mentor Sentence Interactive Language Arts Notebook completed, and so now all THREE Mentor Sentence Units and Interactive Notebooks are offered in the Biggest and BEST Mentor Sentence Bundle! :o)

I also got a new math unit created!
This Let It Snow Math Unit is for the BIG KIDS!! Poor 4th and 5th graders... they always get left out of the fun! But with this unit, they'll get the CCSS standards they need and have fun! :o)

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So, believe it or not, in between all the creating, I've been doing a lot of lazy-hanging-around, watching TV, napping... and so have my dogs:
Hee hee! It's cold ya know... they need their sweaters on!!
I also had my family over to my house for Thanksgiving, which meant I cooked the turkey!
Unfortunately, the turkey took an extra hour and a half to cook than anticipated... waiting for that pop-up timer to pop was torture! But other than that, it was great! The food was delicious, the company was excellent, and I didn't have to clean afterwards!!
I don't do Black Friday... but I LOVE shopping online for all the pre-Black Friday Deals, and of course Cyber Monday in a few days! I got an AWESOME deal on a Dyson on Amazon thanks to my Prime Membership, and it was delivered today!! (You know you're a grown-up when you get excited about a vacuum...)
Zoey was excited about it, too!!
And of course, I had to stop everything, put it together, and vacuum right then and there. :-P And it was AAAAAWESOOOOOME!!! :o)
Cyber Monday and Tuesday are COMING!!
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I am NOT a Black Friday shopper. I know that many of you probably are... but there is just nothing appealing to me about fighting people for a good deal.
You know I can't pass up a good someecard!! So funny........

Anyway, what I DO love is Cyber Monday and some online shopping!!!! And of course, what's my favorite online place to shop...? Ok, ok, you're right. Amazon.... but what's my SECOND favorite place to shop?? TPT! There will be a site-wide sale going on for Cyber Monday AND Tuesday!
Everything in my store will be 20% off except for my bundles, which means you'll get a 28% discount! (Because the bundles are already discounted so much from the single units, I don't mark them down, but you can still get those with the CYBER 10% discount!)

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Now for my wishlist....... although it is mighty long, I have my eye on a couple seasonal FUN products! I know my students will enjoy these items, and it will make our time before Winter Break even more fun!

First up, these Multicultural Multistep Word Problems from my friend Sydney will be PERFECT for my fourthsters in math!
And for Language Arts, this Gingerbread ELA mini-unit with Research Project from Pinkadots Elementary will be perfect-o!
Don't forget to leave feedback on your previous purchases so you can get credits toward your Cyber Monday and Tuesday purchases!!! Now don't just sit there... go fill your wishlist!! :o)

Happy Thanksgiving Week!

I know some of you don't have off the whole week like I do, so I hope your work days are going smoothly until your holiday begins! :o) Since this week is a little crazy with people off and going out of town, there will be no Workshop Wednesday tomorrow. It will be back next week!

Since I have the week off, I'm hoping to get some TPT products crossed off my list that I've been wanting to create! Yesterday, in between laundry and cleaning the house, I was able to get my THIRD Language Arts Interactive Notebook done!
For those of you that are using Mentor Sentences in your classroom, this is a great companion to the Third Mentor Sentence Unit. If you aren't using Mentor Sentences... why not!??! Just kidding. :-P If you aren't using Mentor Sentences, these interactive pieces can be used anyway- it is not necessary to complete them with Mentor Sentences, but they are a great addition to the Mentor Sentence Units. Aaaaaaaand guess what? They'll be 20% off through Wednesday! :o)
I just have to link up with my bloggy buddy, Molly for her fun Thankful Linky!

Five For Friday was going to happen yesterday- I had been planning the post in my head all week! But it just didn't happen. I was asleep by 9:00 last night! (Score one for Jivey!!) So we'll call this "Five For Fr-aturday." :o)
Have you entered yet???

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So... it's been 76 days since our last school holiday. That would be LABOR DAY, people!! We had a "teacher work day" in October where the kids had a holiday, but that doesn't count because we were working. It has been a LOOOOONG year. And I say that in the most loving way possible... but we are ALL ready for a break in my room. And luckily, we've got it! Today is the first day of my week off- that's right, we get the whole Thanksgiving week off! HALLELUJAH! 

To make sure that all of my kiddos knew how much I loved them before they left me for a week, I wrote to each one of them why I am thankful for them.
You can pick up this freebie in my TPT store if you still have time to write notes to your little sweeties before your Thanksgiving break! As always, feedback is appreciated! :o) 
We are deep in Colonial Times in our Social Studies unit, so we were lucky enough to have a Colonial Day at our school! The kids had a BLAST!
They wrote with quill and ink.
They learned to tie knots on the knot boards.
They ground corn into meal.
They picked seeds out of cotton.
They made cornhusk dolls.
They learned how to weave on a loom.
They played colonial games like Jacob's Ladder and Corn Cob "Lincoln Logs."
 And they got to make their own cup and ball game!

The kids really loved being able to do so many hands-on things. It truly gave them a better understanding of colonial times. 
I shared with you on Wednesday about a fun writing activity we are doing. The next step in the activity is for them to practice on different topics- all fun, of course! I'm also going to link this up with my BBB Joanne for Sparking Motivation!
I put the different topics around the room and the students sprawled out on the floor to write about them. These two groups were working on writing about ice cream sundaes and theme parks... who WOULDN'T want to write about that?? :o)

Giving the kids time to NOT sit in their desk is a huge motivator for students, too.

The students have chosen one of their paragraphs that they think is their best to publish. They will hang in the hall around this poster:
Last, but certainly not least, I was so excited to be featured as a milestone seller on TPT this week! I was certainly feeling the love!! It is such an exciting feeling to know I'm able to help other teachers with my resources all over the WORLD! :o)

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!
 Welcome to Workshop Wednesday!
This week, we are sharing how we get students to WRITE- what are some strategies you use to get your students to begin writing instead of staring at their paper? (You know the kids I'm talking about!!)


I love to give my students options to write about - things they can connect with... it makes them passionate about what they are writing about! Sometimes, this isn't an option, because I NEED them to write to a prompt, or to write about something we are learning about... but when I can, I try to make writing as FUN for THEM as possible! Like writing about cake, and ice cream sundaes, and theme parks...... who doesn't want to do that??

We are reading the story, How Many Days To America? by Eve Bunting for our mentor text and mentor sentence for the week, which is FULL of visualization. The students can literally see Eve Bunting's story without seeing the pictures. So this week in writing, we are working on showing and NOT just telling. Showing doesn't mean just filling our writing with adjectives either... we need a lot of DETAILS. I showed them my paragraph about cake:
We talked about how it has great adjectives, but we don't know which cake I am describing just based on what I wrote. All of them have chocolate... and let's face it... all of them should be eaten up. :-P So I "revised" my paragraph:
 NOW you can tell which cake is mine!!
I had the students practice talking out loud to a partner about one of the cakes. Their partner needed to be able to guess the cake. Talking it out BEFORE writing is another great strategy to use with students who get "stuck." I also made sure the students weren't just saying, "my cake is chocolate with raspberries." We talked about how boring that is, and how Eve Bunting wouldn't write like that!!

Next, I gave them the opportunity to write in "secret":
First of all, you should have heard the "oooooh"s and "mmmmm"s that came from EVERY kiddo in my class! Not one student was moaning and groaning to do this writing activity. They immediately picked up their pencil and began writing. Not one student sat there staring at their paper! Giving them fun things to write about, giving them models, and giving them an "exciting" task ("make sure we can guess which one is yours!") kept every student motivated to write and busy right away. And not every writing "piece" has to be a full-blown, five-paragraph essay!

Here are three examples of writing from a high, medium, and low kid.

Of course, we want all of our students to be writing like the high kid, but notice that my medium and low kids were still using voice, they were totally on task, and they WROTE immediately, which was a huge step for a few of them in my room.

Now I know that every writing piece can't be like this. Kiddos are going to have to write to a prompt. They are going to have to write about things they aren't always that interested in. But when you can get them interested other days, and grow their love for writing, it will carry over into days when they aren't as excited about the topic. :o)

A bunch of bloggers have joined up to say THANK YOU.  Thank you for following us.  Thank you for your support, encouragement, and friendship.  We have learned so much from you.  

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