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Workshop Wednesday: Word Work

Welcome back to the WEEKLY version of Workshop Wednesday! :o) This week, we are linking up Word Work activities and games we use in the classroom- this should be a blog post, not store link-ups, please!

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Now, onto word work!! Because our word work consists mainly of Greek and Latin roots, I try to include activities in Reading Workshop that give them more practice with reading and making words with prefixes and suffixes that we've learned about (read about those here). These activities are part of my word work station.

These two stations came from the centers on Have you heard of this site? It's soooo wonderful. The two activities you see here are actually from the grades 2-3 centers under the Vocabulary section. I laminated and got them set up when I taught third grade, so these centers have lasted me a few years. We'll switch to some of the grades 4-5 centers as the year goes on and they become more comfortable with identifying affixes. There are some hard words in the 4-5 centers, too! The directions pages you see are not included- I had to re-do them to a) be cuter, and b) make them more clear to my students.

The students work with a partner or in a group of three to complete the word work activities during Reading Workshop. I have them write the answers in their word study journals. They only have 10-15 minutes, so they generally don't finish it all, but it gives them enough practice for the moment. And let's face it... any longer and they will get bored. And boredom leaves to bad-dom. :-P

I can't wait to get some great ideas from you all to add to my stations!


  1. I like that activity! I've only used the 4-5 resources, I need to check out the 2-3 too! Thanks for hosting! Lots of great ideas!
    P.S. I'm offering my newest Building Words product for free for anyone who links up to your party!!! All link ups, please check your email!
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  2. I love the prefix and suffix work. That is huge for fourth grade, and I'm always looking for more resources. Thank you!

    Fit to be Fourth
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  3. Hi Jivey,

    Thanks for the opportunity to link up! I LOOOOOVE thinking about word study and this is actually the focus of the Interdisciplinary team at my school for the next few months. I will definitely be sharing these ideas (and the linked ones) as a resource for teachers. I love the website. I have used many of the materials for tutoring and intervention groups. Now I'm thinking about how I can incorporate the prefix/suffix work and the build a word work you have your students doing. Love it all!!!!

  4. So, I went and checked out the FRCC site...and ended up taking a 2 hour detour from your blog :O This is EXACTLY what I've been looking for to add to Word Work and Strategy Groups during Daily 5 (well, 3 for us). Thank you so much for the heads up!!!


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