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Happy Halloween!! :o) Monster Writing Idea!

I wanted to share a fun activity we did yesterday for writing! It is included in my I Need My Monster TPT Unit! After reading the book, I drew a monster, but didn't show my kids. Then I wrote a description of him and read it to my students. They drew the monster as I read them the description:

My name is Melvin. I am a green monster. My body is oval-shaped like a potato and covered with warts. I look out from under your bed with my one blue eye, right in the middle of my head. You'll hear me breathing with my big mouth, but I hope you don't laugh because I only have five teeth: 3 on top and 2 on the bottom. It's because I can't brush my teeth! My stubby arms won't reach, and I can hardly pick up a toothbrush with my fat fingers. I run around on four feet, and sometimes I trip on my long lizard-like tail!
Here was my monster...
...and here are a couple of my students' monsters drawn from my description!

Pretty good huh? :)

We talked about the things I could have described better, like the shape of the teeth and legs and shoes... and then they got to work on their own.
Then, they got with a partner, and without showing their monster, read their descriptions and their partners drew. They really did an excellent job! Here are a couple that came really close in their drawings!

I hope everyone has a fantastic Halloween! :o)

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  1. What an AWESOME idea - so creative and fun! I really like how it incoporates listening, artistic, and writing skills - a win-win-win! I am going to try this with my students tomorrow - they're going to love it! :)
    Thanks for sharing,
    Joy in the Journey


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