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Workshop Wednesday - Quick Writes

Welcome to Workshop Wednesday!!
Remember, since everyone's start dates are so different, the topic for August AND September will be Getting Workshop Started in the Classroom. Please write about only one workshop in your post so that you can link it up accordingly below, and then please come back each week to share! (In other words, if you use Reading, Writing, and Math Workshop and you want to share about all three, please link up in three different weeks.)

Today, I'll be sharing about Writing Workshop, but feel free to link up with Reading or Math if you'd like! :)

You will have to forgive me in this post- it isn't going to be my normal long, detailed post because this week has WIPED me out already and it's not even half over!
Do you feel me?!?!

One of the first things we practice in our Writer's Notebooks, besides gathering seed ideas, is quick writes. This is where they choose a seed idea and write furiously about it for about five minutes. The story won't (at least it better not!) be done, but it gives them something more substantial to use later for a writing piece, and it also gives them practice "getting started quickly." That habit of sitting there, staring at the their paper, is one of the first things I try to break.

Once they do their quick write, I have them share with their table buddy. This helps them in a few ways. One: they are "telling" the story the way they intended... writing quickly can sometimes cause them to make errors, and this keeps the would-be-readers from being confused. Two: they are able to hear each other's work more, which I think is important so that they can learn from each other. And three: it puts a little pressure on them to actually write something because they know they have to share and their partner might judge them a little. :-P

So yes, that's it from me for today. Don't worry, I'll be linking up lots more over the next two months, especially once the exhaustion has worn off a bit. :o)

Those of you that are back in school, I hope you'll link up! I'm always eager to see and hear other ideas!


  1. The start of the year is rough! I always forget how tired I am the first few weeks of school. Hang in there my friend, you can make it!

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  2. Thats for linking up with everyone! Every year this self doubt creeps into my mind and I think I am a horrible teacher, but after reading your link ups and how I pretty much do what everyone else is doing, I think, okay, I am doing a good job..

    Ms. Chae Charges In

  3. Quickwrites are so powerful aren't they? I also let them share with the class too, which sometimes can be a problem because they ALL want to share even if I say I'm taking 3 volunteers to share. :O) I guess that's good if they are confident!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  4. I love the accountability that sharing gives my students in making sure they provide worthwhile content. I did have one student last year who faked he was reading what he had written and then told stories when I called on him. I like the partner sharing idea. Sometimes have a classmate call you out is more effective than having a teacher do so.

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  5. I saw that on pinterest and had a little chuckle! We are in the middle of our school year so we are going ok at the moment!

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