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Workshop Wednesday: First Writing Piece

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Remember, since everyone's start dates are so different, the topic for August AND September will be Getting Workshop Started in the Classroom. Please write about only one workshop in your post so that you can link it up accordingly below, and then please come back each week to share! (In other words, if you use Reading, Writing, and Math Workshop and you want to share about all three, please link up in three different weeks-or more if you'd like!!)

Today, I'm going to share how we get our Writing Workshop started in my room.
I shared with you back in June one of my favorite things to do to start off Writing Workshop and getting seed ideas with the book, If You Find a Rock. We create memory jars as a keepsake for their seed ideas and writing. If you missed that post, click here.

My students had a blast creating their memory jars! We collected lots of seed ideas first (you can check out a few ways I had them gather seed ideas here and here) and they had to choose three to write on their memory rocks.
The students choose 3 rocks to write their memories on, as well as a piece of fabric to decorate the lid of the jar.
Students have to write just a few words to help them remember a memory since they don't have much room on the rock!
Here is a finished product! The students have kept these on their desks since we created them last week, and they love to show them off to visitors when they come in the room!
Students are writing their first narrative piece now using one of their memory rocks. They are totally motivated to do it because they can't wait to take home their jars with their stories to show off to their parents!
Students are using their yellow notepad to write their first drafts! You can see a few other jars in this picture, too. :)
I can't wait to see what you all have to share this week! Don't forget to check out some of the link-ups from the last couple of weeks, too, because there are some really great ideas being shared! :o)


  1. I will be posting soon!! Love this linky! I've just got to survive this week first! ;)

  2. Such cute memory jars! I bet they're so proud! We start our first writing piece tomorrow!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  3. I love the memory jars! Such a great way to store memories!


  4. Congrats on making the top 100 on TpT...I was so excited to see you there!! Love your blog too!

    Kathy O.
    Third Grade Doodles

  5. This is a fantastic idea! Thanks for sharing!

    Simply Sixth Grade


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