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Monday Made-It... Last One For A While!

Thanks soooo much to Tara for hosting this fabulous linky! I waste so much time get so many great ideas from all the link-ups!!! :o)
I created a new Book Nook chart to match the adorable backgrounds now found EVERYWHERE in my room. :) If you aren't familiar with how I do Book Nooks, check this post out.
I was waiting to get names on the clips until I was sure of who would be in my room for Reading... since I have some students pulled out for an Advanced Class. I also told them they wouldn't get a Book Nook until they could read for at least 20 minutes (we're working on stamina!) and we're only on 7 minutes with no quitters or interruptions now....... so I have some time. LOL

I put together my task card pocket files! I am so excited about these- I hope my kids will be, too!
Recognize those from my Target Dollar Spot shopping spree?? :o)

I also started collecting for my new student bags...
Basically, anything ALL of my students have in the room, it goes in this bag for when a new student arrives at my door, which is bound to happen....

Last, I created a geography vocabulary flipbook for my students to glue into their Social Studies notebooks. My students will glue down the side with the pictures, and the word will be the flap. They will write the definition under the flap! One of my teammates said she wanted to use something like this to cover our landforms we have to teach very quickly, and I loved the idea so of course, I had to just make it!! You can grab it for free if it's helpful to you! (It's not all of the landforms, it's only the ones we have to teach in our grade.)
That's all for today! It's sad to be back in school and not get to be one of the early link-ups anymore in linky parties! :-P Now, off to get some more things done for school tomorrow!


  1. I love teaching about landforms, it is so much fun! Thanks for the freebie.
    The Picture Book Teacher's Edition

  2. Thank you for the landform freebie. That's part of our curriculum in science AND social studies!


  3. Thanks for the amazing freebie - I really need to start planning :)
    I love building stamina in reading - it is just rewarding to see how far they make it! Love the paper you used for your chart :)
    (Too many smiley faces in one comment?):)

  4. Your Book Nook Chart looks fantastic. I love those great colors. Thanks for sharing!

    Eclectic Educating

  5. Love all of the goodies you're making with the papers! :) Thanks for the geography freebie! Just added to my Google Drive! It is perfect to cover landforms real quick for me at the beginning of the year. You're the best!


  6. I LOVE the book nook sign! I need one of these!!! :0)

  7. I love your Book Nook sign! That is fabulous! I need to organize my task cards in their holders. I have them all in holders, but not in any organized manner. That is on my to-do list this week.

    Hunter's Teaching Tales
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  8. What great ideas! Did you buy or print out your book nook sign? I love the way the arrow boxes seem to be right on the paper! Thanks again, I would like to use it too!

    1. I printed the sign after creating it in powerpoint- the arrows are a shape in powerpoint! :) I wish I could securely share it so that you can edit it, but I just don't think there is a way - everyone has a different number of book nooks and different types of book nooks, so it's not like I could just send you a PDF of mine! :(

  9. Book nook chart is ADORABLE! I love that idea so that no fighting occurs over "spots" :) Thanks for sharing!

  10. Your new Book Nook chart looks great! I need to redo mine since I've a added two new spaces and one chair broke! Is that a few pages glued together?
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  11. I also make new student bags! It is so helpful!

  12. This is so strange! I just bought a new chair and purple fluffy pillow for more book nooks and was thinking of how to rotate the students. I didn't like my system last year because it wasted too much time. Then, I remembered reading a post of your awhile back and searched for it today when I could have just read THIS POST! haha!! Are you still rotating the clothespins once a week? I love the idea of not using the nooks until they have build up their stamina. I am totally doing that too! The chair I bought at Kohl's will be a particularly good bribe:)
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  13. Any chance you would give us your book nook chart? Its adorable! How do you add the arrows right on it?

    1. I created it in powerpoint. There is a "shape" that is the arrow box. The problem is, everyone has a different number of book nooks, and different book nooks, so there really isn't a way for me to securely share it (due to terms of use on the background and font) so that you could edit it to fit your needs. I'm sorry!! If I think of a way, I will definitely share it! :)

  14. Thank you for the freebie! I will use them a lot, I have many ESOL kids.

    Ms. Chae Charges In


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