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American Revolution is My Favorite!!!

American Revolution Linky
I am teaching Native Americans right now...... we still have to get through exploration and colonization before I teach American Revolution, but it is SERIOUSLY my favorite Social Studies unit to teach! I make things for that unit all through the year... There are so many great books I get to read, and the kids really enjoy learning about that time period, too.

Soooo of course, I had to take some of my favorite American Revolution books and pull mentor sentences from them!! If you have purchased at least my First Ten Weeks Unit, and you teach the American Revolution, then this unit is for you! :o) The sentences and skills are more difficult, so I wouldn't advise starting with this unit, but once you have been at Mentor Sentences for a while, this will be perfect!
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It is a "mini-unit" so there are less books, but it's still full of good stuff! Here is the book list:

And if you aren't sure what Mentor Sentences are, where have you been?!?! check out the "Mastering Mentor Sentences" link at the very top of my blog under the header, or click here.

Make sure you take advantage of the BIG TPT sale today if you didn't yesterday! Or even if you did yesterday, I'm sure there are more things on your wishlist... ;-) I'll probably make a second round tonight after work. :o)
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  1. I am so excited about this unit! I have most of the books on the list, and many of them are favorites of mine. You are making a pretty penny off me this weekend my friend! :)

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  2. Sadly, I don't teach the American Revolution anymore. That's a 5th grade unit here in PA! Boo!

    I just got my copies of your 3 main mentor sentence units all printed, copied and in a fancy binder today! Now if my amazon shipment would just arrive with those last few books I'm missing, then I'll be ready to go!

    Sweet Rhyme – Pure Reason
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