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Workshop Wednesday - Preparing For Students

Welcome to yet another installment of Workshop Wednesday, July edition! 

Before I get started into my post, I wanted to let you know about what Workshop Wednesday will be for the next two months. I know, that is a super long time, but unfortunately, I start school next week while many do not start until September! It will be quite difficult for you all to share how you start your workshops with your students when you don't yet have students! Sooooo for the months of August AND September, the topic will be "Getting Started With Workshops." This would be where you share about how you get the kids into routines, how you set up small groups, management, and of course, lesson ideas. Because we have Reading, Writing, and Math Workshops, my hope is that you will still take the opportunity to link up for EACH one (only blogging about one subject at a time). I will have different link-ups for each different subject so that it will be better organized over the course of those two months. Please link up when you can, as many times as you'd like, posting about one type of workshop at a time! All three subjects will be open to link up to each week so that if you don't teach Math, you could still link up to Reading or Writing! I hope this will work out for everyone's schedule! I will be posting about each workshop on Wednesdays, like I did this month, and I will also highlight some of the awesome ideas you all link up with!

Ok, onto this week's preparation for:
{said with sarcasm} You'll never believe who I learned about Math Workshop from!!  

Beth Newingham!! Duh.

Here is an AWESOME post she wrote that first got me hooked. I also found Mary Mueller's blog recently- click across the top under her header for several links that give you the nitty-gritty right up front!

I believe math games are a driving force of my Math Workshop. Kids want to "play," I want them to learn... math games are the answer!! I have several games posted for free in my TPT store. Click here to see my free games. Don't forget to leave feedback if you download! I know you don't get credit for that feeback, buuuut, it is nice manners. :o)

I have spent some time this summer (yes, in all my free time) looking through Van de Walle's Teaching Student-Centered Mathematics
With Common Core Standards making our math instruction much more intense, it's been good to visit these strategies again. I utilized this book last year when I created my math units to make sure I was touching on the various models and relationships of the different skills. I created the units to use in my own classroom (as I do with all my TPT products), so I've added some things to them that I wanted to make sure I used this year. At the beginning of the month, I revised my Place Value, Multiplication, and Division Units. I've just finished revising my Fraction 1, Fraction 2, and Decimal Units! Make sure to go download the revised versions from your "My Purchases" tab on TPT to get the updates, or by clicking on any of the previews below! :o) This also applies to those who purchased the bundle!

Other than planning, creating games, organizing, and catching up on some professional reading, I have to admit there really isn't a whole lot to do to prepare for Math Workshop before the kiddos come in. That's mainly because everything is truly centered around THEM. Not that my other workshops aren't, but math just seems to be so much more dependent on their knowledge and understanding. I hope you were able to take away some helpful things whether it be from me, Beth Newingham, Mary Mueller, or John Van de Walle! :)


  1. Thanks for the links to the two math pages - I just added them to my LiveBinder - setting that up was on my to do list this summer. I use the Student Centered Math book too.

  2. I don't teach math but I'm going to make sure my math teacher knows about all these great sources! Thanks so much for sharing! I absolutely love this linky and seeing everyone's great ideas!

    It almost makes me ready for school ;)

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