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Workshop Wednesday for July Reminder!

I'm heading home from the beach today (wah wah) so I will be back next week to share more about the set-up of my Workshops.... but I wanted to post today to make sure you all remembered to link up (as if you could forget)!

Even though I'm not sharing any tools this time, I hope you will visit all the wonderful blogs that have already linked up. I have gotten some wonderful ideas of things to do this coming school year, like Nick's CAFE Menu... AMC'S Teacher's Notebook find of TAG... and Sarah's conferencing ideas!

Also, be sure to check out Nick's fun new linky! I can't wait to participate! Go sign up!! :)

And don't forget to claim your prizes in the HUGE Summer Planning Giveaway, where everyone wins!! It ends Friday!


  1. mentioned me! I'm so flattered! And I'm linking up again :-) Hope your last day at the beach was great!


  2. Thanks for the shout-out! If my internet weren't being ridiculously spotty right now I would be linking up again! I've got 295 unread blog posts...Aargh! I'll be linking up again this month though for sure!

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