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Tried-It Tuesday - Some Revamping!!

Happy Tuesday! I'm linking up with my girl, Holly, for some Tried-It Tuesday! Oops! I missed the memo on Tried It Tuesday only being July 9!! Well, here's my unofficial post. :-P

If you've followed me for a while, you know that I used to make all my products in WORD and then save them to PDFs. I know, I know. I was an idiot. Now that I know all about the ins and outs of Powerpoint, I don't know how I EVER did anything in Word. Powerpoint is just so much more user friendly (EXCEPT for creating tables. They make me crazy.) when I'm working on units and products for my classroom and TPT.

Welllllllll, that being said... I decided that my products needed to be "cutified." Gotta keep up with the Joneses of TPT ya know. And I have all these stinkin' products in Word... and that does NOT copy/paste nicely to Powerpoint, let me just tell you. It is taking me FORRRREVERRRRRR to revamp my products. Alas, slowly but surely, it's getting done.

A couple of weeks ago, I updated my Common Core Place Value Unit to make it cuter, and I added a Scoot Game as well. Make sure you redownload the revised product if you've previously purchased it! This includes the Numbers and Operations Bundle as well!
Then, yesterday I updated my Common Core Multiplication Unit. I made it cuter, and added some task cards for a center! Again- make sure to go download the revision...
And some of the new backgrounds I TRIED :) are from a dear friend of mine who is just launching his TPT store!
He designs scrapbook kits, and I told him- that is right up teacher creators' alleys!! Here are a couple of my faves, although it was so hard to choose... especially since he just keeps adding more and more all the time!! Click on any of the images below to go to the item in his TPT store.

These gorgeous designs of the reds also come in other colors, too!
Aren't they so neat? And VERY reasonably priced!! He also has some frames that are super adorable!

So, are you up for some PIN IT TO WIN IT?? :)

Go to Scrappy Guy's TPT Store and pin any item that you would like to win! Copy the URL of the pin and paste it into a comment below. He will send two winners the product they pinned!! Woot woot! :)

Congrats Holly and Cheryl! You won Scrappy Guy's Pin It to Win It!! :)

Also, I can't wait to see everyone again for Workshop Wednesday! I've missed you!! :) If you missed the topic, check Sunday or Monday's post!

By the way, we've got a good group of SEVEN Southeast Bloggers coming to the Atlanta Meet-Up so far!!! Wanna join us? RSVP below! :)


  1. I'm loving your newly revamped products! I still haven't done anything, yet. Love your friend's scrapbook papers!

    Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late

  2. I really like the rainbow papers.

  3. Your updated products look awesome. I just added them to my wishlist!

    Hunter's Tales from Teaching

  4. I have to go check out your newly revamped items. The CC place value bundle looks awesome.
    Love all the papers, but I really want the math exemplars!

  5. Wow, your friend has really reasonable prices. Love his work!

  6. I feel your pain on the word to PPT switch. Some days I get so frustrated by the whole thing! I wish I had made my products in PPT to begin with, but with as so many things, we live and learn. Your updates looks great!

  7. Glad I could help bring you do the "dark side" and work in PPT, haha! The updates look fantastic!

    Teaching Tales Along the Yellow Brick Road

  8. Thanks for visiting my TpT store y'all. Jessica has been holding my hand through it all.

  9. Looks great! I would love the math exemplars!

  10. I need to learn to play with PPT a little more. Thanks for inspiring me.
    Your friend has some neat products- and I followed him on TPT. I would love the Math Exemplars! I pinned them here:


    Loved all the paper designs, but was drawn to the Math Exemplars. :) Best of luck to ScrappyGuy on his new store....looks like it will be a great success!

    On my way to check out that Place Value Kit....looks awesome! Thanks for everything!! :)

  12. LOL! My post started out as a Tried it Tuesday too. :)
    Creating Lifelong Learners


    Girl! You make me tired just reading your posts.



    I love all your new "cuteified" revisions:)
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  16. I recently just tried making some in PPT and found it way easier than Word too! Your updated products look great! :)

  17. I'm commenting really late because I'm catching up on reading my blogs...:) I've heard great things about creating in PPT, but I've always used Publisher. I love Publisher, but there's a part of me that wonders if I'll ever switch to PPT. I would hate to have to convert all my files. Sounds yucky.

    Teaching With Class


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