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Dollar Deals!!!

Oh my goodness gracious. I hit the jackpot!! :)

No, I haven't gone gambling on my Florida vacay. ;-) I decided I need to stop for a potty break and, coincidentally, there was a Target right off the interstate. I walked in and immediately forgot why I'd gone there in the first place. Their Dollar Spot called my name! 

Now, let me just tell you, the county where I teach and live is the largest school system in our state. I believe this is why our Target Dollar Spot always... well, sucks... because all the teachers wipe it out so fast! I never find ANYTHING. But this one I stopped in, holy moly! I am so excited to show you all my prizes!!! And the best part was, anything with a "blue dot" was 70% off! What?! Yup! I got some of this stuff for 30 cents a piece!!

First up, check out these Science Nonfiction books I picked up for 30 cents each! Yes, a few are gross but my boys will love them! :-P
Then there are these Social Studies and Science Nonfiction books for $1 each!
Had to get these accordion folders for my task cards! $1 each!
And check out these adorable folders!!! Loved the chevron and polka dots. 30 cents for each pack! Woot!
I thought these sticky notes would be fun for some "comic strip" writing. 90 cents!
I was frantically looking for some measuring cups last year during my measurement unit because I left mine at home, so I bought these for 90 cents each!
Scotch tape, putty and Goo Gone, all necessities of a classroom. All $1!
I bought all the Dr. Seuss pencils they had left. :-P $1 for each pack!
Check out these dice erasers!! :) 30 cents for each pack!
And last- I need your help with these! I bought these fries and burgers containers thinking I could think of SOMETHING to do with them- maybe in writing?! What do you think? Any ideas? :o)
I'm linking this up to A Teacher Without a Class's Dollar Days! You can find more dollar deals over there! Check it out!


  1. Okay, I'm on a Dr. Seuss kick! I must go to TARGET today! YAY!
    Creating Lifelong Learners

  2. Hey that looks like my shopping cart! I bought almost all of the same things as you did! Great minds ;)

    Mrs. H's Resource Room

  3. I thought about buying the fries and burger containers, too! Let me know if you figure something out ; )

    Hokie Teach

  4. Wow! You really did rack up. We have about 4 Targets within reasonable driving distance from us, so I have a few options when I need to find things. I haven't seen those nonfiction books in a while, though. Wonder if that area was more of a retirement community or something for there to be so many goodies left!

    Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late

  5. I am going to go back today! Some stuff was 50% off the other day, so it must be 70% now. They didn't have everything you showed. At some point they have to switch over. Lucky for me I have two within ten minutes. Yay!

    Literacy Spark

  6. Ok, I'm hitting up Target ASAP! Great finds!

  7. Oh I need those Dr. Seuss Pencils! Heading to Target now!


  8. Wow! You really did hit the jackpot! I just saw those burger and fries contains put to use on A Teacher Without a Class blog. She made a visual for the Does McDonalds Sell Cheeseburgers and Shakes? phrase for long division. You might want to check it out. It is cute and it's free right now! :)
    On the Trail of Learning

  9. I'm impressed with all the goodies you snatched up! I'm definitely going to have to squeeze a Target trip into my day today :)

  10. Amazing deals! I was there yesterday shopping for groceries from being out of town for 10 days and my daughter's college apartment. Of course I think of me last. I am going back today!

    I hope I find the hamburger! Use it with the Hamburger Model of writing! Top bun- intro meat,
    lettuce, tomato- body
    bottom bun- conclusion


  11. Jivey,
    I bought those Creepy Crawler books earlier this year and let me tell you...the pictures will gross you out (which means the kids will LOVE it). The visuals are incredible and the writing is great.

    I was able to break many of the pages up because there was so much vocabulary and great informational text.
    This is a great ifnd indeed.

    Digital: Divide & Conquer

  12. I bought all those $1 books from Target as well! My kids LOVE non-fiction and that is just something I don't have a whole lot of so when I saw those I knew I had to get them too! :) Gotta love Target dollar bins!

    Adventures in Room 204

  13. What about "take out" tickets instead of exit tickets holders?

  14. I'm always so jealous of people who live near a target. The closest one to my house is a whopping 45 minutes away on a good day!! :( WIth the french fry and burger holders, you should create a sorting game called, "Do You Want Fries With That?" You could have students sort different types of grammar, similes or metaphors, or even vocabulary words and definitions. Hope this idea sparks something for you! :) I'm new at blogging and would love for you to visit my blog sometime! :)

  15. I am definitely going to hit my local Target this week! I want all of those items!!! Hopefully I am as lucky as you were! :)

    Eclectic Educating

  16. I started goin' through all my Pinterest boards lookin' for a pin that I remembered seein' where someone used those fry containers. 4 million pins later (exaggeration), I found what I was lookin' for. Obviously you could switch it to somethin' different, but this was a cute idea.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'
    P.S. I had a CCSS trainin' a few weeks ago in Gulf Breeze. One night we ate at McGuire's and then headed over to TJ Maxx with a Home Goods attached and a Shoe Station in the same complex..oh and a JoAnn's Fabrics. It's about 6 miles from the bridge in Pensacola...I think.

  17. It's me soon as I left your blog I ran into this post with ideas for the burger bin things.

  18. I also picked up the fries and burgers containers last week - planning on doing synonyms for blah words on the red containers (words on yellow card stock/construction paper). Didn't know what to do with the yellow ones though.

  19. Hey lady! So cool to see all this stuff, especially since I just moved to Crestview, Florida, which is about an hour from Pensacola. Such a small world!


  20. You found some great deals and some fun stuff for your classroom! I really like those books you got! The boys are really going to love those yucky ones. :)
    Conversations in Literacy

  21. And to think, I paid the whole dollar just last week for six copies of each book you bought!!! I think we might have a lot in common...first Chrysanthemum, and now this.


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