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Sparking Student Motivation: Partner Picking

Aaaaaaah. Saturday. Always wonderful. Saturday after the last week of school? Oooooooh yeeeeeah!! (Sorry, I won't rub it in anymore!)

Have you bought this bundle for Moore, OK yet? I donated to the bundle, and also bought it- there are over 500 products you'll receive for a minimum of a $20 donation! I grabbed all the 3-5 items from the bundle and it will probably take me all summer to go through them!

Ok, now for a fun linky from my BBB, Joanne!
As teachers, I'm sure you all know students working with a partner is always more fun than students working alone. But if your kiddos are anything like mine, they want to work with the same partner every single time. But they DON'T want Ms. Ivey picking their partner for them... so I found a solution. Partner Picking Cards! There are many versions on TPT, but I love these and so do the kids- and they're free! :) Here are some examples of the cards from the download-
It's a great way to randomize partners... I am happy because they are working with other kiddos, and they love finding their match, even if it's not someone they would usually choose!

What are some ways you motivate your students? Go link up with Joanne at Head Over Heels For Teaching, and check out all the other great ideas while you're there!

PS - I'm running another Daily Deal over at Teacher's Notebook- this time on my Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs Unit. Go check it out! :)


  1. What cute cards and such a fun way to randomize students into pairs. I know my kids would have fun finding their match.

    Enjoy your summer! I'm so jealous...only 8 1/2 more days for me!

  2. I use these cards too! My kids call it the "fun way" to pick partners. I hope you are enjoying your summer break!

    Rosie's Rambles

  3. Thanks for the link to those freebie cards - love it and I know my class would too! We use clock buddies sometimes just to change things up and stop the same kids from working with their besties all the time.

  4. I love the randomizing partners! Very cute. I also grabbed the bundle from Teacher's Notebook - what a fabulous deal!!! I download the stuff related to ELA for upper grades, and I'll also be going through it all summer.
    I'm Lovin Lit

  5. Oh, fun, fun, fun! This is a precious idea. I ran over and grabbed the set you suggested! I bet my big kids will laugh, giggle, and love them!:)
    Brandee @ Creating Lifelong Learners

  6. OMG! I've never heard of partner picking cards! Where have I been? I use the clock partners. I can't wait to grab that freebie! Although, I may make my own-pairs of shoes of course!!!! Don't worry BBB, I'll send them to you!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  7. I have a bundle of sets of cards like this in my TpT store! I use them all the time. My sets are for grouping kids into 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, and 6s!

    Random Grouping Cards

    I love how the kids group quickly and without complaint. They don't try and rush to form groups made out of their best friends. Might as well grab the freebie to mix in to my rotation for pairing!

    All of the bundles out there right now supporting OK are great deals, but that Teacher's Notebook one is HUGE. I've never really used TN before. I'm going to have to grab that bundle though.

    Sweet Rhyme – Pure Reason

  8. Cute freebie!! I use a desktop app called Triptico on my SMART Board, but with a younger group of students next year this just might be perfect! Thanks for sharing!

    Congrats on the Daily Deal! What do you think of them? I've done a few, but I'm not sure they are worth it...?

    Mrs. Beattie's Classroom

  9. Super cute and simple idea that I have never heard of! Pinned it! You could even do content related words (maybe not as fun...) like compare/contrast, etc.

    Literacy Spark


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