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Must Have Monday: Dropbox App!

Hi friends! I'm linking up with the sweet Sabra from Teaching with a Touch of Twang!

I blogged back in January about's what I said:
It's completely free. You can store pictures, video, documents, etc and then access them from ANYWHERE. This includes your iPads, phones, and other computers! That means no more emailing things to your home email from school to finish after dinner... just save it in your dropbox! And the great thing is- it's similar to GoogleDocs in that you can share with others with an invitation. Once you share a folder with someone, then anything they add to the folder, or you add to the folder, you both can access! It's great for collaboration! *wink wink*

At the time, I loved knowing I had the app on my phone and my iPad so I could access things like pictures, but it wasn't until this last month that I realized how PERFECT it is for us bloggers. How many times have you checked in on some blogs on your phone with a few minutes of downtime (or sitting on your iPad instead of your laptop) and see that a fellow blogger is having a flash freebie?? You might have thought you just had to go without because you weren't on your computer. NOPE!! Tonight, Joanne from Head Over Heels For Teaching posted a freebie, and I didn't miss out on it! I opened it in TPT on my phone and hit "Download." It actually opens the document- when you have the Dropbox app, you'll see this:

Press "Open in Dropbox" and it will open it in the app...

Just press "Save" and you're done! Then later, you can access it from your computer to print! :) Easy peesy!

I like to save things in my dropbox that I want to print at school (because the laser color copier/printer just looks better...) - all I have to do is go to from any computer and log in, and everything I've saved is there! (No worrying about forgetting my external hard drive...)

I hope this helps you! I'd say Dropbox on ALL electronic devices is my Must-Have! :) What are yours? Link up with Sabra and share!


  1. Awww, thanks for the shout out! Those heels look good on your blog! :O)
    Definitely have to get dropbox! I hate carrying around all these flashdrives and what??!! A color laser printer at school?
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  2. I definitely have to look into this. I was taking pictures of my desktop and computer files this afternoon and thinking about that organization link! I finally have organized folders, but after numerous flash drives randomly quitting on my (my husband says it's because I don't object them...) I now more just carry around numerous devices so I have everything and then make him synch them all every couple of weeks lol. But what you just described above sounds awesome. I have made it one of my summer goals to figure out some sort of "cloud" system for all my documents.

    Literacy Spark

  3. I read your blog post about Dropbox and dived in. Lovin' it! I'm storing all my blog FREEBIES in DropBox and my personal things in Google Docs. The two together help keep me organized! Thanks for introducing me to Dropbox.

    The Teacher's Desk 6

  4. I use Dropbox too and love it. I have shared folders for my classes, which my students can access from school, home, or my computer for presentations. I train them to save EVERYTHING there, so we never have to worry about them not having access to their work wherever they need it.

  5. I usually use Google Drive, but now you have me thinking. Maybe I can find a way to use both! Then I can avoid having to pay to get more space!

    Eclectic Educating

  6. I love dropbox but never saw the need/use for me to put it on my phone. I'm off to the app store! Thanks for the tip!
    Polka Dot Lesson Plans

  7. I LOVE Dropbox! :) I finally had to get 'with the program' when I'd lost my third jump drive...this time to an overheated computer! :( Ugh! It's a real lifesaver! :) I have an android phone with so little memory left...I had to ditch Words with Friends and Facebook! Can you imagine? Can anyone say...'Can we get a new phone up in here!??" Ugh!
    Anywhoo! So glad you shared the wonders of Dropbox this week! It's been a real help to me and I'm sure that others will find it equally as helpful! :)

    Mrs.Russell's Room
    First Grade

  8. I have dropbox on my computer but not my phone! How fun is that!? Thanks for sharing and linking up! And the sweet words :o)

    Teaching with a Touch of Twang

  9. What an awesome idea to save TpT files - I've never thought of that! Like you, I've been saving the files I work on in dropbox so I can access it on other devices. I'm starting to get paranoid that I've already filled up A LOT of my free space! The $99 price for the unlimited year is freaking me out, but perhaps it's worth it?!?! Thanks for the great tip, Jessica!

    Lucky to Be in First


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