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Five For Friday!

It's that time! Linking up with Kacey for....
Oh my gosh....... today was my last Friday of the school year!!! I can't even believe this year is almost over. It seems it only just begun!
First, I have to brag on my kiddos- we got our results for THE TEST and they did such a great job! I am so proud of them. I pulled each kiddo out in the hall one-by-one to let them know their results, and almost every single one of them gave me the biggest hug- even my ones that aren't usually touchy-feely! Although it was sweet, it was sad to think of the amount of stress they have been under because of this test. One of mine even said in disbelief, "So I'm going to 5th grade??" UH, YEAH!!!!!
I am so excited. SO SO excited. I got a box in the mail. A square one. The size of a........ pencil sharpener! I gave one away in a giveaway not too long ago and just thought recently, why don't I have one of these yet??? Classroom Friendly Supplies shipped very quickly! I had it just two days later!
 Here is my new sharpener with my old one. I started with two brand new pencils to be fair. My electric sharpener hasn't really been a BAD sharpener, but it makes such a mess, and takes forever to get the pencils sharpened "just right." The pencils are never really that sharp either. And the noise grates on my nerves... ok so obviously I really don't like the electric one. Haha!

After watching this easy how-to video...

...and realizing that I'm a lefty and was turning the crank the wrong way... DON'T LAUGH.... I easily and quickly sharpened the pencil with my new Classroom Friendly Pencil Sharpener. I put the pencils down side by side to take a picture, and this happened.......
Guess which one came out of the electric sharpener?? That's right. The one with the missing lead. UGH. Yup. I hate my electric sharpener.
I would highly recommend getting a Classroom Friendly Pencil Sharpener if you don't already have one!! The kids loved the sharp points and it saved me a grinding headache! :o)
We were supposed to have a science program back in March that got cancelled because the presenter was sick, so he came yesterday instead. Better late than never, right? The kids LOVED it. He taught them about physics- gravity and energy mainly.
These kids were trying to knock over the stack of cups with an air gun! It was pretty cool!
Last month when I got my TPT check, I decided to splurge and NOT use it all on paying down credit card debt (which is what I've been trying to do). I used some of the money to make my back porch more "homey" -  my mom's old house had a screened in porch which I LOVED, and I can't afford that yet, but I did manage to get this!
It's not the same as the screened in porch of course, but it zips to keeps out the mosquitoes and provides some shade! (One of my dogs-the one pictured here, Zoey, would much rather sunbathe!) I also got a swing...
I know I didn't buy or set up these things this week, but my porch has been such a wonderful place for me this week especially so I decided to share it in my Five For's a quiet, peaceful place I can go to sit and think (or not think)... which I totally needed this week!! My porch was definitely my escape quite a few times the last few days.
I just have to send my appreciation one last time for all of your prayers and condolences this week after Tuesday's post, and Penny's passing yesterday. I was overwhelmed by your support, honestly. I don't know how I could ever show you my true appreciation. Teacher bloggers are truly an awesome group of people. :o) I will attend her service tomorrow in bright colors per her family's request- because she always celebrated life!
We've all been carrying a penny around in our pocket for Penny. :)


  1. I have that very same screen house and absolutely LOVE it! It will be a great place to relax (hideout) this summer. Enjoy!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  2. Hi Jivey! Your screened in porch looks like the perfect place to sit back, relax & enjoy! I finally bought that sharpener (on the right above)- now I'm getting worried!!
    Loved reading your 5 - the science looks cool!!
    Science for Kids Blog

  3. Don't you just love sitting aside and relaxing this time of year? You have created the perfect spot! :)
    Brandee @ Creating Lifelong Learners

  4. I'm sorry you've had a tough week. Carrying a penny is precious:) Love your screen porch! I have 5 days of school left and then I'm hoping to be on my porch and backyard for some rest and reading:) I think I'm going to have to break down and buy that 2 electric ones are horrible and LOUD!!!

    4th Grade Frolics

  5. My pencil sharpener broke this week! I'm going to check out that one! Your screened porch looks nice and cozy! It's nice to have a place to relax!

    A Sunny Day in First Grade

  6. This post made me feel such a range of emotions!! I am excited to look into the Classroom Friendly Sharpener and get one for myself! I LOVE your new porch accessories- congrats on your new purchases! It looks like the perfect place to relax and unwind! And about Penny, I think it's fabulous that the family requested everyone to wear bright colors. What a perfect way to celebrate her life. Thinking of you!!

    Koonce’s Korner

  7. I love that pencil sharpener too! I don't know how I lived without it before. Your porch looks so inviting and I love the swing! Good for you spending a little on a special splurge. It is so tempting to put it all toward the never ending debt but we do need to splurge every now and then:)
    What a wonderful idea to wear bright colors at your friend's service.
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  8. We are waiting for the results - and getting bugged by parents who are equally impatient.

    I had to watch the video, too when it came, but I LOVE that pencil sharpener. It really is that good!

    I was thinking of you this week. I love the idea of carrying around a Penny. Sometimes the little things are the most important.

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Suntans and Lesson Plans

  9. Congratulations to your kids on their test scores! Way to go! Your post about the pencil sharpeners really has me thinking...I just might have to get one of those! Also, bright colors and the penny seem like a wonderful, touching way to honor your friend.

    Eclectic Educating


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