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Tried It Tuesday: Word Art Filling!

Happy Tuesday, Bloggy Buddies!

This weekend, my blog joined the Facebook World. I had a little giveaway yesterday. :) If you missed it, I would still LOVE for you to follow me on Facebook- I will be offering "deals" that might not always be advertised here on the blog!!

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 I started this post during bus call, so I asked a student sitting closest to me to give me 3 numbers between 1 and 22. She gave me the numbers 12, 14, and 16. So Amanda at Learning to the Core, Hilary at Second Grade is Out of This World, and Amy at Eclectic Educating- shoot me an email with your choice of item and I'll send it to you! Congrats!! :)

I promise I won't fill my posts with Facebook after today. *wink* The button will always be up on the right with my other contact buttons! :) Notice what is also there........ the button for the upcoming Peace, Hope, Love, and Happiness Linky!! Make sure to get your post ready for Thursday! I hope these awesome posts fill our newsfeeds like Mrs. Stanford's Product Swap! :)  Wouldn't that just give you goosebumps!?

Ok, for today's REAL post! I'm linking up with Holly from Fourth Grade Flipper to tell you about word art filling!

First of all, I have to start by telling you that I am one of THOSE people who was ridiculously set in her ways and did EVERYTHING in MS Word. EVERYTHING. When I posted the directions for how to secure your pdfs, a few people let me know I was archaic and questioned- WHY was I not using Powerpoint?!? Because I've always used Word! I learned all the tricks and ins and outs... but I am not THAT set in my ways, so I gave it a try... and OH MY GOSH, WHERE HAVE I BEEN?!?!?!? :-P Hee hee!! I looooooove Powerpoint now, and if you haven't tried it, you should. I made my new Workshop Wednesday button in Powerpoint, and the button for The Idea Backpack's Common Core Series, too! And I made the text so cute by following Ashley's (from The School Supply Addict) SIMPLE, easy-to-follow video that she posted back in February! 

Isn't she wonderful?! Now you can make your title pages for your TPT products even more adorable, and whatever else you might want to cute-ify!

Now, go link up with Holly and shared what you've tried, and see what everyone else is trying!! :)


  1. Thank you for this! I too use word for everything, and just this past weekend starting "playing" with Power Point.

    Hunter's Tales from Teaching

  2. It took a while for me to make the switch, too, but it's WAY easier!

    Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late

  3. Nice post : ) My husband is a true tech guy and we couldn't use windows stuff in our house--only Linux or Mac. I've gotten used to using Google Drive to make docs, spreadsheets, and presentations too. I have used Scribus as well, but that one took a bit to figure things out, but it's great for newsletters.
    Kids Math Teacher

  4. I love the button you made Common Core series (love yours too!). Almost makes me want to start a linky just so I can have a button. I love Ashley's videos - I just started playing around with this too. I must admit I have never been a fan of Word, I was a Publisher gal, but I am now a huge PPT fan.

  5. You just made my day! So excited to be winning one of your FABULOUS products! I am glad you tried power point.. I originally started in word too but quickly made the change and life is much easier now!!

    Learning to the Core

  6. Thanks for sharing that great tutorial! I like to switch around between Word and Powerpoint, and throw a little photoshop in there too. I am very excited that I won! I will be emailing you shortly!

    Eclectic Educating

  7. Thanks for the link about using the digital papers. That's something I haven't tried. I always used Publisher when making cute things and was also amazed when I realized that I could do everything in Powerpoint. The problem with Publisher is that not everyone has it. It is hard for me to do anything but type in Word now because it seems so restricted! Did you make the Facebook, Pinterest, etc. buttons or did they come with your blog design?

    Literacy Spark

  8. I'm right there with you -- I have used Word for YEARS and have never thought of leaving. But now that I see from the blogging world how much can be done with Powerpoint, I think I'm ready to give it a try. (That's one of the things that I love most about blogging -- how great everyone is with sharing their ideas to save us all time!) Thanks for the push! :-)

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  9. Hi.
    I'm working to make the jump to connect with facebook too. I'm not a huge fan of facebook (please don't tell anyone). But, I have signed up and will be sure to find you. If I can figure it out.:)

    School Is a Happy Place

  10. Thank you so much for the great product! I can't wait to start using it. I am also a Publisher girl, but really need to start exploring Power Point more! Thanks again, I am sooooooo excited!
    Second Grade is Out of This World!

  11. I thought the SAME thing when I started using power point after reading all the tips. I was always a Word girl too and know it like the back of my hand. A couple weeks ago, I went back to old habits and started writing a worksheet with text boxes in Word. Needless to say, I trashed it after getting frustrated and did it in powerpoint!
    For your Workshop Wednesday tomorrow, do you mean math games with cards like "playing cards", "task cards", or any type of cards?
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  12. I am your newest follower!! I found your blog via Joy in the Journey's blog contest. I can't wait to read more posts!!

    Mind Sparks


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