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Workshop Wednesday- Reading Organizers!

Today's topic: Graphic Organizers in Reader's Workshop! What do you use to help your kiddos get their thoughts out on paper? Feel free to share a freebie for us to download, or a link to your store through your post! (Please, do not directly link to your store in the linky party!) Be sure to share in your post about how the graphic organizer is used!

Don't you just love the graphic organizers that are out there? There are some super cute and creative ones, for sure! I've come across some great organizers thanks to TPT. I've been using some great response organizers from Krista Wallden that are super adorable and just what I need for my kiddos when they are independently reading. 

I made this organizer last year for my kiddos to use during Guided Reading or Partner Reading- it's a freebie you can download from TPT if you'd like! They write down words that amuse, amaze, or puzzle them to share with the group. We take time to discuss the words that puzzle them. I love allowing students to draw something that will help them remember what happened (a symbol or a quick illustration) because for some kiddos (especially my ESOL)- this is a better memory clue for them. Finally they summarize the chapter in one or two sentences. Click the picture below to download this free organizer, or click here!
But then, I decided it was about time I created some more to use during my Guided Reading groups- some that are short and to the point like this one (because Lord knows, we don't have all day in groups!!), but that are aligned more with Common Core. There are so many things we are trying to do in groups- assess fluency, comprehension, word accuracy... I do NOT have time for the kiddos to fill out a giant organizer, too. These organizers help give me a snapshot of their comprehension, or provide a TRUE mini-lesson guided page. And even better, these will save paper, too! :) They will be on sale through Saturday, 20% off, so grab them up while they are super cheap!
Click the preview picture above to download, or click here!
Now it's your turn!! Grab the button below and make sure to link back to this post from your blog! And as a bonus, when you link up to your blog post, you will get these organizers emailed directly to you for free! :)


  1. I LOVE graphic organizers for reading! What a great linky. Can't wait to see what everyone uses. Thanks again for sharing yours!

    Hokie Teach

  2. I love your freebie. I am actually working on summaries with my kids this week. Thanks for sharing!
    Hunter's Tales from Teaching

  3. I look forward to this linky each week - glad I was able to join up this week! Summarizing is so hard for some of my students - thanks for the organizer.

    Looking From Third to Fourth

  4. This is such a great topic! I'm so glad to get to link up :-)


  5. Making those half sheet graphic organizers was a great idea! I am always printing things two to a page to make them smaller, but never thought of just making them that way! :)

    Literacy Spark

  6. Love those short & sweet graphic organizers! I like getting right to the point! Great idea! Thanks for hosting-sorry so late.
    Head Over Heels For Teaching


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